The Pétain Plot and other enduring French State Secrets

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In this spy thriller set in the years of 1939, 1940, John Hefford reveals how the French High command, backed up by two extremist secret societies (la Cagoule and Corvignolles) planned the pre-arranged defeat of the powerful French army in order to force the republican government to ask for an armistice with Hitler.

It was supported and funded by the French extreme right wing ruling classes, and in this way the fascist Vichy government headed by Marshal Pétain was formed, to protect them against Bolshevism.

The fictional story explains how the treacherous plot was carried out, giving noted references to ample circumstantial and corroborative evidence.

Documentary evidence is now rare due to President de Gaulle being obliged to censor the plot after the Liberation in order to reunite the country; but some eminent French historians have continued to write books on the subject since the Liberation, as time makes new revelations.

Although the author has explained how the context of class warfare brought about the plot, it was nevertheless a reversal of the alliance between Britain and France, which resulted in the cruel and useless loss of tens of thousands of British soldiers and airmen who had been called upon for help by the French government.

Even more serious is the fact that it reversed the balance of power between the belligerents, and could have lost the war for Britain had Hitler seized the opportunity to invade earlier in July 1940, after the chaos of Dunkirque. Occupied France was to provide 25% of the German war effort, and the powerful French Empire along with its modern fleet was to choose neutrality.

German High Command insisted to Hitler that their war machine could not successfully invade France before 1943, but his secret personal alliance with Pétain assured him of an easy victory, with resulting glory, enabling him to misguide his own people into believing they were the master race. The war was thus extended by at least two years, causing the loss of millions of lives.

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