The Rebel Legionnaire

The Anglo-Saxon public knows very little about the French-Algerian war which started in 1954 and ended in the catastrophic departure of one million Europeans from Algeria in 1962.

A nucleus of the French army risked their careers, and their well established lives, to fight the government against independence, and even went underground against de Gaulle’s policy of the Algerian population will choose.

A thriller set in Paris against the authentic terrorism of the clandestine elite of the French army, as seen through the eyes of an Englishman newly married to the daughter of a French army officer.

"An agreeable way of learning history." Riviera Reporter

"A sensitive evocation of a tense and forgotten period in French history, at once an exciting thriller and tender love story." Elizabeth Wassell

"A good read." John Montague, Poet Laureate of Ireland

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